Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Opening Day 2009: An exercize in fly fishing futility

When it comes to fishing weather, I'm pretty tolerant of most conditions. I don't mind the cold. I don't mind rain or snow. A real hot day just means I'll wade wet. In fact, there's really only one weather factor that gets to me..... wind. I don't mean a nice breeze, I mean WIND. And it's not just that it piles up my casts ten feet in front of me. It's not just that it drags my fly line and makes it impossible to get a decent drift. Wind is just, plain ANNOYING. I mean, nothing erodes my cheery disposition quicker than a pounding wind boxing me around, throwing my fly line in my face, and making me panic as my hat tries to take flight downstream. You ever notice that wind takes on a personality? It seems like it knows when you are starting a cast or when your fly is drifting just about in the right position. Today, it also knew that I came with only a fly rod.

So, despite the wind, the water was in decent shape. Don and I went to Butternut Creek and fished the section below the dam. Clarity was down to about 18 inches with a greenish tint, water temp was 42 degrees, the air temp was 46 degrees (not figuring wind chill), and there was no bug activity. The water was a little high, but not typical spring runoff levels. Don landed one 11 inch brown on a muddler minnow spinner fly. I tried olive and black wooly buggers, a golden stonefly nymph, and an IPW with no luck. We lasted a couple of hours. We were deciding about leaving when 4 guys showed up to fish the same hole we were at. Naturally, they were smart enough to bring bait, and one of them hooked up on a nice brown after two or three casts. He must've been the ....... um ....... master ....... baiter. C'mon, you know that was funny.

So, I close the book on another opening day. It was great to hold to tradition. It was good to wet a line after a long winter. It sucked to have all that wind. To quote Pat McManus, it was a fine and pleasant misery.

Welcome to the 2009 fishing season everyone. I hope it treats you well. Tight lines.....


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