Monday, March 29, 2010

3/28/10: pre-season scrimmage at Limestone

So, Bob and I got out yesterday to stretch our lines and work out the kinks. The old dam on Limestone behind the town offices in Fayetteville had been breached by the town. I had never fished Limestone downstream beyond that point, and Bob mentioned that he too had never really looked at that stretch before. we parked down the road to towline path and walked all the way to where Limestone joins with the Erie Canal. Wow. What great water. There is some beautiful pools and runs all the way back to the town offices. The brush cover was pretty thick in spots, and we spent ample amount of time "in total harmony with our environment" - which to the untrained eye could simply look like we were frequently tangled up in scrub and thorn bushes, spouting obscenities and flailing about. Despite the higher, colder water, Bob managed to allegedly catch 3 nice browns - mind you, I only saw one. The catch was quite suspect, since he offered me the pool afterward and I caught nothing. I know! As if he would catch fish when I didn't. See what I mean? Very suspicious, if you ask me.

It was a nice morning, a coopers hawk, a few mallards including one I spooked out of her nest (see photo) but no fish for me, thank God. I mean, why would I want to anger the fish gods by catching anything before the opener? I did feel bad for Bob, for if he did catch those three fish, then he might have angered the fish gods.

We grabbed some lunch and headed to my old stomping grounds. It was strange walking and fishing behind our old townhouses - it seemed like a lifetime away, and yet the stream had changed very little. I was joined my some kids from the other side of the fence. They were quite helpful and offered to stay and talk to me to keep me company. Gee....... thanks. Maybe you all should go down stream and check out that other guy - he might actually catch a fish for you.

Fishing some familiar water, I did hook up on a small brown when I wasn't paying attention. Air temp was around 47F, water temp 40F. A few gray midges and couple of #12 gray/black stoneflies in the air. I did have a hitchhiking scud on my wading boot at the end. not bad for early spring. Looks like i know where I'm going for the opener :)

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