Tuesday, November 3, 2009

9/12/09: Tabletop hike

view the pics at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/7231131@N04/sets/72157622457892770/

I do love September for hiking. Nice cool weather, the air damp and refreshing. The gang was all there again. This time, I was the one to get the sleep . Erin unfortunately didn’t have any hiking boots with her this time, and it would prove to put a damper on her day. By the time we got to Marcy Dam, she has a half dollar sized blister on each heel. The summits were in the clouds most of the day, and provided little views consequently. The hike up the Van Hovenburg Trail was easier than I remember. We decided to do Tabletop first. Unfortunately, it was socked in the clouds when we got up there, and the view was uninspiring. However, it was another one for the books, so everyone was happy with that. As we started down I was getting concerned that we might need some more water, so I sprinted ahead down the VHT to Phelps Brook. By the time I had three liters treated the whole team was together again. Paul was bushed, and Erin was deciding if Phelps was worth the side trip. The trio decided to head towards Phelps while Paul and I rested up. We decided the mountain will wait for us another day, so we were going to head to the car. Shortly after our decision we got word that Erin’s blisters were forcing her to head back. She popped off of the Phelps spur trail just as we came up on the junction, and the three of us headed to the car. The boys took an extra hour to get to the top and back, but their reward was catching the only view offerings of the day. All in all, a nice day out.

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