Tuesday, August 4, 2009

June 20th: The Litte River

So, Bob had his eye on The Little River for a while now. It's about a 15-20minute drive from his camp outside of Pticarin, NY. Route 3 crosses over it, and from the road it looked like pretty sweet H2O. We actually fished it at an area where we had to hike in about 1/2 mile to get to the river - granted it felt more like a mile on the way out. Also, I am not allowed to disclose the exact location of the parking spot and the trail to the river. If you want to check it out, I'd be happy to take you up there some time........but then I'd have to kill you, of course. Sorry, not my rules.

This was my first time packing in my gear to a fishing spot. I know you westerners do it all the time, but we easterners are usually spoiled with...roads. Still, it was nice to get off the beaten track. The river is on the small size for a river, more like a large stream in some areas. The promise of native brook trout kept those quirky smiles on our faces as we geared up. Given that this was a typical Adirondack river, the wading was pretty easy. The fishing was slow at first, but then Bob got things going with a couple of hook ups. I had luck on a big, bushy Adams Wulff. All in all, the brookies were small but accomodating. After lunch we were welcomed back to the river by a couple of ravens as we worked our way down stream. The fishing slowed but the relaxation was abundant. At one point I just sat down on a rock in the middle of the river and took it all in. Not a banner day of catching, but add in the Adirondack setting and just plain beautiful water and it was a great day. We packed out in the late afternoon and joined our wives back at the camp for a cocktail. Finishing out the day with Bob and Karen's family proved to be as fun as usual. It's amazing to me how one, day-long outing can feel like a full weekend.

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