Friday, May 8, 2009

Thursday Night Fishing Club: returning to the scene of the crime

So, Gaddabout and I got together last night for the reconvening of the Thursday Night Fishing Club. Our original plans were to take us to Nine Mile Creek to meet up with a few friends, but they bailed on us. We were also concerned that most of the streams would be high and muddy after the rains we had the previous night and morning. The only option for clear water? Butternut below the dam. You remember Butternut below the dam, don't you? Oh, about a month ago? Opening day? my rant about the wind?

Don't get me wrong, this little stretch of water is beautiful. Pleasant riffles and pockets and a couple of deep pools. It's even better when you don't have to share it with anyone. Last night was all of that. It was only Bob and I, 65 degree air temp and 59 degree water temp. The water was at mid level and clear down to 2 ft. There was a bunch of bugs coming off: Caddis in #16 tan/dun, #18 black, #18-20 Dun; Mayflies in hendrickson spinners #14, olives/blue dun #16, one March Brown #10; and various midges. The fish were rising ~ at times chasing caddis out of the water and at times sipping mayflies and midges from the surface.

It was funny how Bob and I were whining as we put on our gear. We were acknowledging that the fish gods weren't as kind to us these last few years as they've been in the older years. So, it came with great surprise that we did pretty well....or maybe the fish gods finally threw us a bone. Bob headed to the base of the dam, and I started quartering a black wooly bugger down through the riffles and pockets towards the "big pool". At the head of the big pool, I got a hit on my 5th or 6th cast. He faught well, but not as hard as he probably should've since he was an 18 inch small mouth. Yup, I was incredibly surprised too. Nice fish. The evening glided on with me catching 2 browns on dry flies and Gaddabout landing 4 browns, 2 small mouth, and a rock bass.

Phew. It's nice to get a fish in the net again. It's been a long winter. It was great to fish with Bob, head to a local joint afterward, catch up on the families, and build excitement for the next trip. We both sighed at one point, taking in a good day of fishing and soaking up the relaxation around us. It's good to be alive, and even better when you can you can spend some time fishing.

here's the link to the CNY Flyfisher report I posted:

Stay tuned - more fishing to come in the next few weeks. Hopefully my picture taking abilities will improve along the way....


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